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​​CRAYCRAY'S Customizing Shop! customizing Bic lighters with reuse-able sliding cover, personalized gifts!

If you want a customized Item, We will need some info, please email, call or fill out information below, and someone will get with you in 24-48 (usually 24). You can purchase up front(Purchasing up front takes priority  by clicking the "add to cart" button, or you can pick from the premade lighter covers, which is under the Trick my Bic tab at the top of page.


Phone: 314-856-CRAY(2729)


Customized bic lighters with reuseable cover, personalized wedding gifts, personalized party favors, These are Lighter Covers Sleeves (New, with Bic Lighters)

$7​      To Customize a Bic Lighter, Includes a Bic Lighter with 2 pictures 

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$5    To Customize a Bic Lighter, Includes a Bic Lighter with 1 picture